Supplements harmful?

Tonight’s lead story on a national news network was a report that suggested that supplements might actually be harmful. The results were debatable, having much to do with the specific group of women over 60. Calcium supplements appeared beneficial; iron supplements appeared harmful. The reasons, overall, were not clear to researchers. So, as a devout read more »

Fading Libido

A 58 yo single man receives a knock at his front door. He opens the door to see a beautiful young woman standing before him. She is tall and slender with long, sleek legs, a voluptuous figure, scantily clad, and with a beautiful smile. “May I help you,” he asks? “I’ve come to offer you read more »


Balanced and sufficient hormones are a part of wellness. And they are an important part, especially as we grow older. But when asked what I think the most important preventive health tool we have is, my answer is what we eat and drink. Heresy? ….coming from a “bio- identical hormone doc.” Not at all. Patients read more »

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